From vision to product

We have developed Monobuggy golf scooter, which is the first 2-wheeled golf buggy on the market. Monobuggy is based on partially known technology where we have upgraded a number of components, and developed new solutions, bearing in mind the following key parameters:

  • operable by golfers of all ages. (high degree of safety)
  • environmentally friendly (no noise as it is battery operated)
  • no damage to the golf course (we have consulted greenkeepers)
  • easy to fold for transportation and storage.
  • Affordability, (equivalent to the price of ordinary electrical trollies)
  • Only 2.275,- Euro recommended retail price. (65,- Euro discount if the Customer self-Google Oversæt

front cover with LOGOResting on the Rack 3folded 2

Design Patent




The result is Monobuggy. The golf scooter have achieved European design patent and is now ready for sale.

Monobuggy is for people who need more power for steep uphill golf courses or for rental use,

as this model has upgraded battery, motor and gear ratio

Mono Buggy is a great alternative to the traditional golf buggies, as it is considerably cheaper to maintain in the long run, affordable and eco-friendly.

We have documentation for the wheel pressure pr. sq. cm (the pressure is less than a normal Golfcar with 2 persons) so no damage to the Fairway.

Load pressure on Fairways 05.2014


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