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Breaking News: We will show the new model Monobuggy golf scooter at the “Made in Denmark” European Tour 2017 event at Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort 23rd.  – 27th. August. BOOTH No. information later – See you there !


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Thanks to everybody who visited our Booth F03 in Hall A4 during the resent Hanse Golfshow in Hamburg 14. – 16. Feb.

It seems that the general idea to buy golf carts is to assist in further enjoying the game of golf. As technology continues to evolve so too does the way we travel when hitting the small white ball. The introduction of electric golf buggies is not something new to golf although it has become very popular. No longer are electric golf carts underpowered and unable to maneuver around the extreme terrain course. The new generation electric golf carts are in many ways far superior in delivering power and comfort to the modern day golfer. Breathe in the fresh air without the smell of fuel following you around, no contributing combustion engine noise to upset the mood. Just clean, quiet running from the new electric golf carts. The monobuggy two wheel electric golf buggy is undoubtedly the most advanced electric golf buggy on the market. 48 Volt dry cell Li.Ion. battery technology, 1200 Watt powerful brushless motor, full suspension package with balloon turf tires and power and reliability to take on any challenge that electric golf buggies need to meet. On top of all this, the monobuggy is the only foldable Golf buggy on the market, and can easily be transported between home and golf course for you to be ready for your tee-off time in no time. We have documentation for the wheel pressure pr. sq. cm (the pressure is less than a normal Golfcar with 2 persons) so no damage to the Fairways.

Monobuggy is founded and invented by Bjarne Nielsen: LinkedIn. Monobuggy is the first time on our planet, to use a two wheel battery driven buggy for transportation on the golf course.  From the very beginning we have had the electrical approach towards transportation on the golf course in mind and we will always work to bring the best quality and environment friendly solutions at affordable prices to the market.

You will never be in the lead if you follow in others footstep! Be sure always to find new and better approaches, designs and inventions from Monobuggy. We plan to introduce a new revolutionary concept or product on the market each year. The 2016 model is now ready for sale and offers the new brushless 1200Watt motor + many new features at only 1.599,- Euro retail.







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